Sunday, November 16, 2008

She Tagged Me

OK, so I was blog surfing the other day when much to my pleasant surprise I discovered that my sweet sister from another mother Maura ( had tagged me. Never having been one to turn down a challenge, here it goes.

The rules, as I understand them are simple;
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2.Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell 6 un-spectacular quirks about yourself
4.Tag 6 other unsuspecting bloggers by linking with them
5.Leave a comment on each of their blogs informing them that they too have been tagged

So Buckle your seat belts everyone, here we go

QUIRKS, (as if)

1. Like Maura I too once had an interest in learning a new language. But i didn't pursue this interest because I decided there was really no practical need for a knowledge of social Klingon. I have however over the years learned enough Spanish to order a meal at Taco Bell or any other Spanish fast food establishment. I can however after my mission to North Carolina speak fluent southern,

2.Being the life long car-guy that I am, I have had a dream of owning a classic muscle car and having it pictured in Hot Rod Magazine. I remember browsing the pages of Hot Rod as a kid and seeing all the pictures of the beautiful vehicles in there and thinking how absolutely cool it would be to have a car that I owned and created pictured in such a great magazine. I realize now that my beloved and dearly missed old yellow Chevy might be the closest I will ever come to accomplishing this dream due to today's economy, I did get a taste of this dream however when I got pictures of three of my model cars featured in the Nascar models page of Modelers Corner at

3.My late father fostered a deep love for world war 2 era aircraft in me. One of my very fondest memories of my childhood with him were the times that he and I would go and park at the airport and watch the planes and sometimes much to my pleasure the helicopters come and go. My father was a vetran of the Army Air Corps and a non-combat pilot in WW2 so he had a love for the aircraft of that day which he passed a long to me rather easily. I think that today, I love the P-51D Mustang as much as the Ford Mustang. One day after returning to work following my dads funeral I was outside in the yard at Western Building Supply on a beautiful cloudless day. I heard an unmistakable sound overhead. It was the sound of an AT-6 Texan trainer airplane passing by. This airplane's wings and fuselage were polished chrome, and in the brilliant sunlight on that day this beautiful old warplane was shining so blindingly bright that it almost looked celestial. I stood and watched it, crying

To this day I think it was my dad checking on me.

4.I may possibly be the only 46 year old male in captivity to love Spongebob Squarepants

5. I love C.G.I. laid en movies. If the special effects are off the hook, the more I enjoy it. That is a big reason why I loved the movies "Iron Man," "Independence Day," "Transformers,""Pearl Harbor," and "Poseidon" as much as I did.

6.My bucket list is simple, I want to attend races in Daytona, ( its awesome that my wife now would love to travel back to Florida, but I fear that doing it on the second week of February will be a tough sell.) I also want to attend races in Talledega and Bristol as well as own a new Dodge Charger

I now Tag:

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I truely hope you have enjoyed this look inside the MOSL

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."