Wednesday, December 26, 2007


As we all prepare to usher in 2008, I hope all of our memories of 2007 are great ones. I've loved being able to spend another year with my friends, my family, my loved ones, and most of all, the fabulous woman that I have been given the God-given honor of calling my wife for so many years. I am grateful for the privilage of having served so close to our bishopric as assistant ward clerk. They are truly three inspired, good men and we are all blessed to have them watching out for our ward. I do also want to say that I will never forget my intro to blogging, and the friendships I've made through that. I know all of you will be reflecting on personal memories of 2007 in the coming week. I hope all of you will find love , excitement, health and much happiness throughout 2008


(oh yes, Im happy that the 2008 Nascar season is only 6 weeks away also. )

Its the hap, happiest season of all.

Ride(s) of the week

'69 Chevy Impala & '68 Oldsmobile "Super Stocks"
These cars are special to me because this is the kind of racing my father would take me to on Saturday nights at the old quarter-mile oval track at the Utah State Fairgrounds during my childhood.

Quote of the week:

( I really think this deserves "The Quote of the year.")
"Jesus has been watching out for me for 83 years, he isn't going to stop now."
- Mabel Reed

Monday, December 17, 2007

yay team

Who else dey , who else dey, who else dey think gonna beat them Bengals?
GO away TEAM

Merry Christmas

Smilen Sylli and I would like to wish all of our dear friends in the blogging neighborhood a very merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous, and very happy new year


I've found my new snow blower

Ride of the week

U.S.A.F. "Thunderbirds" F4 Phantom
(I never once said that the "The ride of the week" would be land-locked)

Quote of the week:

"You can be wise and happy, or stupid and miserable. The choice is yours." -President Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ride of the week

Dale Earnhardt's "the pass in the grass"
Wrangler Jeans Monte Carlo
(during the running of the yearly all star race while running in 2nd place Dale was hit in the right, rear fender causing him to slide into the infield grass. He however maintained speed and control of the car, passing the leader while still in the grass. He shot back onto the track and won the race.


A lot of people seem to be sharing thoughts on the recent snowstorm, so I thought I would do likewise. Has anyone ever; wrecked a car do to dry, warm street conditions? or had to pay for expensive prescriptions because they caught a warm? Have they ever had to shovel sunshine from their driveways? or slipped, fell, and injured themselves on the sun? Lastly, has anyone ever noticed what is at the very center of the word snow.......NO. Yes as you can guess snow gets a big no vote from the MOSL also. I do have a fond memory of snow however. During my mission in North Carolina on one p-day my companion and I awoke to snow. Not much, only an inch or two, big deal. Well my companion being from Idaho and I from Utah didnt hesitate to hop on our bicycles and ride them to the laundrymat. Once there we started our laundry and then noticed the storm coverage on the tv. The local news was showing these horrific pictures of cars that lost control in the snow and slid off of the road while the newsman related stories of accumulations ranging from 1/2 to 1,5 inches and pleading for motorists to please stay home if they dont have to go out. I laughed.

So yes, I don't like the white stuff either, but I guess that just like Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, It's a sad, cold part of life we all have to live with.

Quote of the week:

"I can't believe people would take advantage of a kids mistake like that."

-local gas station owner after an employee's error started selling their gas at 32.5 cents per gallon

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I just wanted to share how I got my testimony of prayer. I was born and raised in Salt Lake, the youngest of four boys. Now I refer to myself as an "adrenalin junkie" now but the original adrenalin junkie in my family was my next to oldest brother Kurt. He skydived, hang glided, and even had a short stint with a racing go-cart. ( imagine 140 mph with your backside 1/2 inch off of the ground.) During his skydiving days, my brother and a buddy of his decided to attempt a world high altitude record jump. Their intention was to jump from 300,000 ft. This meant a freefall of close to five minutes prior to chute opening. The high altitude also made it necessary to carry oxygen tanks. The day of the jump came. Now I had seen my brother climb into the jump plane many times before, but this time he looked more like an astronaut than a skydiver. We all said goodbye and wished him and his friend luck, then they climbed into the plane and took off. We waited as the plane made its climb to jump altitude. The airplane was a barely visible speck when word came to the crowd at the airport they were on jump run. It was then that we all noticed a horrifying sight. A badly damaged parachute falling from the plane. As my brother was climbing out of the plane, his emergency chute ripcord handle caught the door handle of the plane, causing the chute to pre maturely open. The chute tangled around the wing of the airplane heavily damaging the chute causing it to only very partially open. This damaged chute was also causing my brother to fall at a much slower rate than intended so his oxygen was going to run out much sooner than planned. My brothers wife and two young boys, as well as myself and my family poured our hearts out to God just hoping he would protect him from a very deadly situation. As well as my brother prayed for the Lord's protection as he fell. This lasted until his oxygen ran out and he blacked out. He went down in Big Cottonwood Canyon, which is very big, rugged, tree covered, and just full of ways that this story could have ended in tragedy. He went down in a clearing, in a big, soft, snowbank, with a cross country skier passing by at that moment. The skier helped my brother out of his gear and helped him spread his chute canopy out on the ground. He was spotted by a search plane and rescued within an hour by the sheriff's department jeep posse. I will always remember his first word on his return to the airport upon seeing the military helicopter ready to go after him, " Gee if I had known that thing was coming for me I would have stayed up there." My attitude toward prayer was never the same after this. and oh yes the most dangerous thing my brother has done since then is raise daughters.

Ride of the week

USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E
as seen in Star Trek movies; "First Contact," "Insurrection," and "Nemesls."

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."