Saturday, December 8, 2007


A lot of people seem to be sharing thoughts on the recent snowstorm, so I thought I would do likewise. Has anyone ever; wrecked a car do to dry, warm street conditions? or had to pay for expensive prescriptions because they caught a warm? Have they ever had to shovel sunshine from their driveways? or slipped, fell, and injured themselves on the sun? Lastly, has anyone ever noticed what is at the very center of the word snow.......NO. Yes as you can guess snow gets a big no vote from the MOSL also. I do have a fond memory of snow however. During my mission in North Carolina on one p-day my companion and I awoke to snow. Not much, only an inch or two, big deal. Well my companion being from Idaho and I from Utah didnt hesitate to hop on our bicycles and ride them to the laundrymat. Once there we started our laundry and then noticed the storm coverage on the tv. The local news was showing these horrific pictures of cars that lost control in the snow and slid off of the road while the newsman related stories of accumulations ranging from 1/2 to 1,5 inches and pleading for motorists to please stay home if they dont have to go out. I laughed.

So yes, I don't like the white stuff either, but I guess that just like Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, It's a sad, cold part of life we all have to live with.


Patty said...

I love the way you look at things!! I am very much a warm weather person (note.. warm, not HOT!!) I enjoy seeing the snow and I don't even mind doing a little shoveling, but I really have no desire to go "play" in it!!
I lived in Virginia for awhile and it was funny to watch the snow coverage there too!!

Shayleen Lunt said...

You have a point. I do love the change of seasons though. Snow included. Maybe it's seeing Olivia's face light up when she see's the white stuff on the ground.

ANTSYLLI said...

Good point Shayleen. It is wonderful to view the world through a child's eyes. When you get right down to it, many things could be much more positive when viewed from this perspective.
I think it is interesting how people in different parts of the coutry react to weather changes.

Mama D said...

What a creative way to address the NO of snow! Can't say I've ever caught a warm or shoveled sunshine or slipped on the sun.

During the 3 years we lived in So AL, there was 1 day of any "real" snow... maybe 1/2 inch, barely enough to cover the grass, and didn't stick on the roads. School was let out anyway (the kids there loved it-- some of them had never seen the real stuff!), and warnings to drive carefully were everywhere!

Then there was one winter when we lived in Boston that a major ice storm hit. Our car was encased in *inches* of ice that we had to slowly and carefully chisel off. That one was not fun! The first time I ever heard of church being canceled due to weather was in Boston.

Yeah, different reactions around the country are funny!

Leslie said...

I very much enjoyed this post, HOWEVER, I must say, that I would MUCH rather have snow in December than RAIN!? Maybe because I'm from Utah, but rain in December is just plain WRONG. I need snow to help it feel like Christmas!

Papa D said...

Perhaps my favorite political quote of all time, about why Bill Clinton's campaigning for Hillary draws thousands of people but no rise in the polls:

“Maybe they’d love to have him back in the White House. Maybe they just don’t want him to bring her.”

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."