Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Glimpses of Greatness

Anyone who knows me knows how much I absolutely love a good race. Last weekend was no exception at the running of the annual Jenni Evans road race. Pink Princess fielded three of its best at this years race and they were AWESOME. Mikayla was first back, and as I said, "she crossed the line like she was in a car." She looked like she had just run a 100 yard dash as she completed her 3.2 mile run. The kid is a great runner Not to be outdone by his sister, Tanner came by about a minute or two later, smiling and waving as he ran by Sylvia and I on his way to the finish line. (Sylvia sat this event out due to a sore foot in hopes of nursing it back to health for the Black Squirrel 5k next month in Glendale.) A few minutes later, around the bend and up the hill came a hard charging Maura, running with all her strength towards a very impressive top 5 finish. What was the true beauty of Maura's run that day was that a couple of days prior to the race she had a very poor training run at Winton Woods which left her a little discouraged, This in mind, after she had such a good strong finish her smile was beaming and her overflowing happiness was an absolute joy to witness as well as be part of. So once again I say " Atta - girl Sis I couldn't be prouder of you. Once again you stood up to your challenge, and totally destroyed it. That thought in mind I just want to touch upon a moment in time that changed me. This didn't even involve our team. After Sylvia and our team left to go to the starting line, I went to find a place to sit while I waited for Syl to come and rejoin me for the finish of the race. I came across a young man, I would say he was in his early to mid twenties. He had a learning disability and wore braces on both of his knees, making his stride slow and quite awkward. Oh, did I say that he was also wearing a runners number bib? HE WAS A RACE ENTERANT. Although he was short in stature, he was giant in my eyes. I will never forget what I thought was superhuman bravery in this one lone individual. As I came to him I commended his courage for entering the race. He thanked me and asked me if I knew where the starting line was. He then left to go start the race. I never heard how he finished or even saw him again on Saturday, and I will more than likely not see him again, but I think now that every time I don't want to work out or walk that extra 10th the image of this one person is going to be with me. If there is one thing that this brief encounter said to me, It would be "Stop whining and do it ." or maybe "You have no reason to complain."

Monday, June 22, 2009

Flies are people too

Hey friends. I come to you today still sobered from the blatant act of horrific violence against an innocent creature that I witnessed a week ago. I now am outraged with the members of P.E.T.A. that our president during a Sunday morning political interview TV show would have the audacity and nerve to (gasp) kill a fly. Think of that poor creature, just innocently buzzing around looking for something dirty to land on, having his life so brutally cut short by our, I mean your elected leader. Just think about the poor fly's hundreds of now fatherless children that will never get the joy of seeing daddy come home again just because someone felt like swatting him.
I'd keep going on this subject, but Im crying too hard now and I'm afraid my tears will short out my keyboard.
I'm sure glad P.E.T.A. was here to teach me that a fly was infact an animal that can be abused.
I have heard P.E.T.A. is now organizing a candle light vigil in this fly's memory at the new houefly habitat at the Cincinnati zoo. I will not be attending however because I've heard that I am being brought up on domestic terrorism charges for the hundreds of flies I've killed in my lifetime.
GET A GRIP PETA. It was just a fly.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009


"What a day" There was a song released by Whitney Houston several years ago that said; "Give me one moment in time. When I'm more than I thought I could be." I've never really listened to or particularly enjoyed her music before, but after last Saturday this song now has a very special place in my heart........Because I experienced it. Over the last couple of months I've had the pleasure of watching Sylvia and Maura train for the Flying Pig. It was so inspirational and thrilling to be able to watch my beautiful "sister from another mother" mold my precious eternal best friend, and companion into a powerful, healthy, ambitious woman ready to take on anything life could throw at her. This picture shows one of those moments in time. I will not forget the pride that swelled in my chest as I stood and watched these two beautiful women jog towards me on one of our final training sessions prior to the Pig. Then came the big morning. It was a great morning, filled with fun and anticipation as the team gathered for the beginning of the 10k event and the performance by "The Three 10ers."

They were so primed and ready for their event as we all said our goodbyes, good lucks, and shared some hugs before sending them to their starting grid for a special treat. A pre-race stretch with Denise Austin. It was so wonderful to see how well these women did in their event. All three finished very respectably with Maura and Mikayla smashing their previous personal bests and Maura's sister-in -law Rhonda setting the bar very high for a long, promising racing career. ( she is a very experienced runner, but this was her first race.) Then came the sad part of the day when we went to the finish "swine" for the end of their event. Due to some weird rule change on the part of the event organizers we found the finish line area completely fenced off from spectators.
Because of this rule change, I was unable to go to the starting line again, so I said my goodbyes and good lucks with just one other special request. With a tear in my eye I said to Maura just one thing, " Take care of her for me." With that I made my way back to our car for a bite of lunch and to wait for the 5k participants to reach the finish swine. I went back out later and found myself a good viewing spot as close to the finish as I could get. It was not to long before I was treated to a beautiful sight, that one moment in time that made the entire day in a word, glorious. Up the road came my sweetheart, and my dear sister from another mother, dressed a like and both had just beaming smiles as they jogged side by side towards the finish line, well ahead of Sylvia's previous best finish.

Sylvia went into this event with one basic goal in mind, finish in less than an hour eclipsing her previous best time of 1:02 set at last year's Run for the Nuns. I cheered wildly as these two beautiful ladies went past me towards the finish swine. It was then that it came, the one moment in time that overwhelmed me with total joy and will be in my memory forever. As I watched towards the finish line I suddenly saw both Sylvia and Maura's hands shoot upward in celebration as they crossed the finish line with the official time clock showing 58:03. They had done it! My happiness was overwhelming. I couldn't help but repeating to myself "They did it, dog gonnit they did it" as the tears flowed freely down my cheeks. Not only is my team, Pink Princess Racing truly my new racing heroes, but it re affirmed my resolve to be on the road with them in 2010. In my 46 years, I've never known the level of love and friendship that I know now.

(Bloggers note; after the adjusted time compensating for the time between when the race started and when Sylvia and Maura actually crossed the starting line was released, their time is now posted at an awsome 55:43. WAY TO GO LADIES.)

P2R, I love you.

2009 is going to be Beyawsome

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank goodness for the news

Every now and then the evening news reports a story that you could have never figured out without an "expert's" help. Stories such as " If your outgoing bill payments exceed your income you will go into debt," or "This basketball game is going to come down to whichever team scores the most baskets." I just wanted to give special mention to a new one I heard a couple of days ago, "Today's small cars do not fare well in collisions with larger cars." Well, who would have thought? I always knew that large cars have never fared well in collisions with freight trains, but this one escaped me. I wonder how many times it took this overpaid study group running Hummer's into Scion's to figure this one out. You know, I think this phenomenon just might explain why when I had my accident last year, My SUV wasn't quite as damaged as the mid-sized, 4-door sedan I hit. I did hear however that they did find similar conclusions in last year's NFL linebacker colliding with a pee wee league running back. (except in Cincinnati), or the milatary's' M1 battle tank versus mini coopers experiment. Well, if their is one thing that I took from this earth shattering news that larger cars are potentially safer than small ones, it is this, I now know that when it comes time to replace our Kia, I need to do it with a car I can protect my beautiful wife in and feel safe driving. I think I found my choice

I am SO glad that their are so many groups out there dedicated to making our lives safer and easier and as they do, we have the evening news to make sure these breakthroughs are shared with all of us.
Oh yes I'm now proposing continuing these studies with a new experiment:
How well would a horse jockey fare in a collision with a sumo wrestler? I start looking for volunteers tomorrow

Thursday, April 9, 2009


While watching TV last night I saw a commercial advertising photos with the Easter Bunny available at Bass Pro Shops.

(thought:) Is it really very smart being in a Bass Pro Shop dressed as a rabbit?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life's great Moments

We all have those moments in life that we will never forget. Moments that will probably be etched in our memories forever. Examples are probably to many to list but I had one yesterday. that I would like to share.
As our readers now know, The girls of Pink Princess Racing have been training hard for the 5k and 10k events at May 2nd's Cincinnati Flying Pig. I too have been going with them . As P2R's humble crew chief and greatest fan I have been engaged in what I refer to as "spectator training." Their is a whole bunch of walking and standing involved in being a "squealer" and I need to work on my stamina and endurance to be able to be there for my team.
We have been going to the hike\bike trail at Water Works Park But while Sylvia and Maura have been going out on the trail, I would choose to walk around the parking lot, leaving the ladies alone to train for their race without being slowed down by having me in tow. I determined that around the outside of this parking lot was approximately 2/10Th's of a mile and I would usually walk just 1 lap around it . (Pretty wimpy huh.) Friday, Sylvia got off work early and her and I went back to the park , We knew this day was going to be special when we came around the bend and found Maura there. Syl went out and joined up with her and I set out towards the parking lot. I guess I was feeling a little more ambitious this time because by the time the ladies returned, for the very first time I had completed 2 Laps. I happily stated that I was only a half a lap away from a half mile' and the ladies basically said to me "Well, lets go." The pleasure of completing a personally un precedented third lap was only rivaled by having two such beautiful women to walk it with. BUT THEN CAME SATURDAY. Sylvia and I returned to the park with the same arrangement. I would do 2 laps and wait for her to return when her and I would do a 3rd lap. I set out and did my first 2 laps, but as I sat in our car waiting I came to a decision, I would give my darling best friend a surprise. I set out to complete my 3rd lap. As I completed it an exciting and indescribable happiness came over me. As I completed my 3rd lap I could feel a huge smile on my face and a tear streaming down one cheek as I looked towards the sky and quietly spoke one phrase, "Thank you God." I returned to our car again and sat quietly listening to my mp3 and drinking water, several minutes went by and still no sign of Sylvia returning yet. Then something remarkable happened . I stood up and set out on my 4th lap. Halfway into lap 4 I could see Sylvia coming around the bend RUNNING. That was an indescribable thrill to see and I stepped it up a notch to get back to the car before her. I did and met her at the end of the trail We embraced and kissed and enjoyed a beautiful moment together that was only amplified when I told her that the lap she saw me complete was not my second, but my FOURTH. We rested for a moment but then came the pivotal moment of the morning. Syl asked me "Do you want to go again?" My mouth wanted to say NO! but the rest of my body won out and my reply was a proud and confident, "HECK YES." My wife joined me for my 5th lap. This was my Victory Lap, because I had now for the first time since my last visit to Kentucky Speedway in Spring of 2007 walked a full mile outside. What an awesome experience that is going to be an enormous confidence builder for years to come. I also want to thank my beautiful wife and my sweet sister from another mother for not giving up on me. Sylvia, no man loves his wife more or is more grateful for her than I am for you, and Maura I am so thankful that you came into our lives You have been such a blessing to Sylvia and I, and I say again, I couldn't be prouder of you if I was your blood brother
Ladies, Thanks for loving me.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

another quote for the week

"Our economy is like a slow moving ocean liner." -Pres, Barak Obama

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quote of the week:

"Ring ring, Who is it? Destiny? I've been expecting your call."
-Rhino the Hamster

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Returning to where it all began ( I sure hope there's no rain this time.)

Many of you may remember this cherished photo of mine from a rain soaked 2008 Flying Pig. That was a day that changed my life forever. It was the day that my beautiful, beloved wife and eternal companion and I through the influence of a fabulous, God-sent friend and my sister from another mother, steered our lives towards, more healthy goal oriented living. It literally brought tears of extreme heart felt joy to my eyes as I watched these two beautiful women cross the finish line in their respective events on that day accomplishing some very lofty goals and enjoying the fruits of their training. As I have spoken of before though, this was also the creation of something that has become one of the most beloved things in my life, my team, "Pink Princess Racing."

well folks, in a little over 5 weeks, on the morning of May 2ND "Pink Princess Racing" will make it's 2009 debut returning to the streets of Cincinnati, in the event that started it all at the 2009 running of the Flying Pig

P2R '09 is a stronger, trimmer team whose goals are even more ambitious this year. It really excites me that the team for the Pig will grow to include, Maura's daughter Mikayla, Our sweet niece Courtney, and in her first event ever, Sylvia's younger sister and my darling "Lil Sis" Margaret. These ladies are truly my newest racing hero's Sylvia is entering the same event she participated in last year with one slight twist, she's entering as a runner rather than a walker this year. although she will both run and walk. It has been an inspirational thrill to watch Sylvia and Maura train together for this event and I am looking so forward to witnessing the accomplishment of their goals this year. I feel a little somber that my original goal of joining my team on the streets at this years event wont be realized but my time will come later this year. To sum things up, I couldn't be prouder of my team. All my adult life, I have had a profound respect and honor for fighters, I don't mean like in the UFC or the WWE, but common people who have set goals for themselves or are doing battle with physical infirmities and fighting to improve themselves every day, To me this is what Pink Princess Racing is all about. I love my team and vow to follow their example So I want any of you who see any of my team over the coming weeks to be sure to wish them luck.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 22nd

Yes folks, tomorrow I will be looking back on 22 wonderful, fun filled, years of marriage with a beautiful, God sent young woman whose love and patience I don't always feel deserving of. Sylvia has been so priceless to me over these 22 years. I haven't been exactly the state of the art hubby, but she still freely and abundantly treats me as though I am. I love her so much, and thank God for helping us make our 22nd anniversary a reality. I've always felt that our relationship started on a special note after a very memorable event on that cold Friday morning in the Jordan River Temple that I wanted to share.

After changing into our temple clothes, myself, my father, and my escort (my best friends father) were taken to a bench to wait prior to going to the sealing room. We sat and enjoyed the spirit and quietly visited. While this was going on, I noticed a door in the corridor where we were sitting open, and out came a temple matron escorting an elderly woman also in temple clothes. The matron brought her over, and sat her on the bench next to me. The matron noticed the "To be married" name tag I had pinned to my chest and said, "Oh Brother Johnson, This is Sister Benson, Sister Benson, Brother Johnson is getting married today." (GASP) Sister Benson congratulated me and told me that she had just celebrated a big number anniversary with her husband. (the exact number of years escapes me now, but I did just remember seeing in Church News about President and Sister Benson recently celebrating their anniversary and the number of years that Sister Benson just spoke to me of sounded very familiar to the total mentioned in the church news. (GASP AGAIN) Sister Benson and the matron escorting her soon left, leaving me with a burning question now raging through my mind. "Was this a Sister Benson or THE Sister Benson?" The answer came in a very dramatic fashion a few moments later when around the corner came President Ezra Taft Benson, flanked by his aides. The three of us snapped to our feet and greeted the Prophet with handshakes and smiles. Later I came to find out that President and Sister Benson routinely did sessions in the Jordan River Temple on Friday mornings. Talk about being at the right place at the right time, huh. It took a moment at that time for it to sink in that I had just been given the privilaged honor of shaking the hand of the Prophet of God. Since then I've always considered this experience a good omen on our marriage.

I guess what it all boils down to with this post is I want to give honor and praise to a precious beautiful and marvelous woman, who despite all my shortcomings ( there are a few things I fall short on other than just my right leg,) still loves me like I was perfect and allows me to be me. I love you sweethaert.

Thanks for 22 fabulous years

Friday, February 6, 2009

In Loving Memory

"You will be missed"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quote of the week:

"Classy sophisticates like us should not stain our lips with cursing." -Patrick Star

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."