Sunday, March 29, 2009

Life's great Moments

We all have those moments in life that we will never forget. Moments that will probably be etched in our memories forever. Examples are probably to many to list but I had one yesterday. that I would like to share.
As our readers now know, The girls of Pink Princess Racing have been training hard for the 5k and 10k events at May 2nd's Cincinnati Flying Pig. I too have been going with them . As P2R's humble crew chief and greatest fan I have been engaged in what I refer to as "spectator training." Their is a whole bunch of walking and standing involved in being a "squealer" and I need to work on my stamina and endurance to be able to be there for my team.
We have been going to the hike\bike trail at Water Works Park But while Sylvia and Maura have been going out on the trail, I would choose to walk around the parking lot, leaving the ladies alone to train for their race without being slowed down by having me in tow. I determined that around the outside of this parking lot was approximately 2/10Th's of a mile and I would usually walk just 1 lap around it . (Pretty wimpy huh.) Friday, Sylvia got off work early and her and I went back to the park , We knew this day was going to be special when we came around the bend and found Maura there. Syl went out and joined up with her and I set out towards the parking lot. I guess I was feeling a little more ambitious this time because by the time the ladies returned, for the very first time I had completed 2 Laps. I happily stated that I was only a half a lap away from a half mile' and the ladies basically said to me "Well, lets go." The pleasure of completing a personally un precedented third lap was only rivaled by having two such beautiful women to walk it with. BUT THEN CAME SATURDAY. Sylvia and I returned to the park with the same arrangement. I would do 2 laps and wait for her to return when her and I would do a 3rd lap. I set out and did my first 2 laps, but as I sat in our car waiting I came to a decision, I would give my darling best friend a surprise. I set out to complete my 3rd lap. As I completed it an exciting and indescribable happiness came over me. As I completed my 3rd lap I could feel a huge smile on my face and a tear streaming down one cheek as I looked towards the sky and quietly spoke one phrase, "Thank you God." I returned to our car again and sat quietly listening to my mp3 and drinking water, several minutes went by and still no sign of Sylvia returning yet. Then something remarkable happened . I stood up and set out on my 4th lap. Halfway into lap 4 I could see Sylvia coming around the bend RUNNING. That was an indescribable thrill to see and I stepped it up a notch to get back to the car before her. I did and met her at the end of the trail We embraced and kissed and enjoyed a beautiful moment together that was only amplified when I told her that the lap she saw me complete was not my second, but my FOURTH. We rested for a moment but then came the pivotal moment of the morning. Syl asked me "Do you want to go again?" My mouth wanted to say NO! but the rest of my body won out and my reply was a proud and confident, "HECK YES." My wife joined me for my 5th lap. This was my Victory Lap, because I had now for the first time since my last visit to Kentucky Speedway in Spring of 2007 walked a full mile outside. What an awesome experience that is going to be an enormous confidence builder for years to come. I also want to thank my beautiful wife and my sweet sister from another mother for not giving up on me. Sylvia, no man loves his wife more or is more grateful for her than I am for you, and Maura I am so thankful that you came into our lives You have been such a blessing to Sylvia and I, and I say again, I couldn't be prouder of you if I was your blood brother
Ladies, Thanks for loving me.


James said...

That is so awesome!! I have only one concern, ... what are you going to call the team when YOU are doing the 5k too? No offense, Eric, but you're not much of a Princess. ;)
I'm very proud of you!

Mama D said...

What an awesome accomplishment!! You are all amazing! You motivate me to always try my best and not allow anything to hinder my goals!

Patty said...

What a great accomplishment! I'm so impressed with all that you, Sylvia and Maura have been doing!

Shayleen Lunt said...

Wahoo. That is so great. Keep up the great work Eric!

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."