Monday, August 25, 2008

The meaning behind "Im preparing for rain."

Any of you visiting my blog have undoubtedly seen my use of the statement, "I'm preparing for rain," and thought "OK, whatever." This quote comes from an absolutely great movie titled: "Facing the Giants" that I strongly recommend to all of my readers. This movie is about the coach of a totally dismal christian high school football team who decides to use his faith in and overwhelming love for God to turn the team around and make winners out of them. He uses a statement throughout the movie that I've grown to love, "We'll praise him if we win, and we'll praise him if we lose." During the movie a story is told about two farmers both suffering from the effects of a severe drought, Both prayed for rain, but then only one prepared his fields to receive it. He was the only one of the two who showed the faith that he would receive the miracle, and he did. Later in the movie as the team faced an extreme long shot chance to win the championship, the coach made a very highly risky play decision to go for the win. "THIS WONT WORK. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" was the reaction from the assistant coaches, to which the coach in a very serious tone replied, "I'm preparing for rain."
Since then this has become my personal slogan as I prepare myself to receive a miracle when I finish the Flying Pig 5k next May

Thursday, August 21, 2008

That'll be the day

Like countless others in this country I have been following the Olympics. I too have thrilled at the accomplishments of stars such as Michael Phelps, Our two star gymnasts, Shawn, and Nastia and running's "incredible Hulk," Usain Bolt. However, it was because of my awe at the accomplishments of Mr, Phelps, that I was struck with such humor at the audacious claim that our own ( er, somebody Else's own ) Chad Johnson made that he could beat Phelps in a race. Yeah, on a jet-ski maybe. Now I think everyone needs a dream, but this one is a doosie. I am not a gambling man, but I think that if "Ocho-Cinco versus Aquaman" ever became a reality I would have to lay at least $1,000 on it. But now that I think about it, just think how famous Chad would be if he could do what the greatest swimmers on the planet couldn't do. Beat Michael Phelps. His name would be famous forever. I think I will issue a challenge of my own. I think that I could beat Nastia Luikin on the balance beam. Heck, I wouldn't have to do a thing on the beam because the difficulty score for me just getting on it and staying on it would be good for 500 points. I think that while I'm at it, I will challange Usain Bolt to a hundred yard dash, but only if he lets me choose the car I'd get to use. Now we all know that I'd have about as much of a chance to win either of these challenges as Mr Cinco would have of beating Mr Phelps in a pool without the help of a good jet-ski. I guess if I could say anything to Chad it would be, "It's always better to remain quiet and let everyone think you're a dummy, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."
(Now, if Senator Obama would only learn that.)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Last night, I held my wife a little closer

Last Night, I was shocked to learn as many of you will learn today of the passing of Kathy Chamberlain, I just want to ask any and all of you reading this to remember my good friend, her husband Bryan, and their family in your thoughts and prayers this week,


"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."