Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy 22nd

Yes folks, tomorrow I will be looking back on 22 wonderful, fun filled, years of marriage with a beautiful, God sent young woman whose love and patience I don't always feel deserving of. Sylvia has been so priceless to me over these 22 years. I haven't been exactly the state of the art hubby, but she still freely and abundantly treats me as though I am. I love her so much, and thank God for helping us make our 22nd anniversary a reality. I've always felt that our relationship started on a special note after a very memorable event on that cold Friday morning in the Jordan River Temple that I wanted to share.

After changing into our temple clothes, myself, my father, and my escort (my best friends father) were taken to a bench to wait prior to going to the sealing room. We sat and enjoyed the spirit and quietly visited. While this was going on, I noticed a door in the corridor where we were sitting open, and out came a temple matron escorting an elderly woman also in temple clothes. The matron brought her over, and sat her on the bench next to me. The matron noticed the "To be married" name tag I had pinned to my chest and said, "Oh Brother Johnson, This is Sister Benson, Sister Benson, Brother Johnson is getting married today." (GASP) Sister Benson congratulated me and told me that she had just celebrated a big number anniversary with her husband. (the exact number of years escapes me now, but I did just remember seeing in Church News about President and Sister Benson recently celebrating their anniversary and the number of years that Sister Benson just spoke to me of sounded very familiar to the total mentioned in the church news. (GASP AGAIN) Sister Benson and the matron escorting her soon left, leaving me with a burning question now raging through my mind. "Was this a Sister Benson or THE Sister Benson?" The answer came in a very dramatic fashion a few moments later when around the corner came President Ezra Taft Benson, flanked by his aides. The three of us snapped to our feet and greeted the Prophet with handshakes and smiles. Later I came to find out that President and Sister Benson routinely did sessions in the Jordan River Temple on Friday mornings. Talk about being at the right place at the right time, huh. It took a moment at that time for it to sink in that I had just been given the privilaged honor of shaking the hand of the Prophet of God. Since then I've always considered this experience a good omen on our marriage.

I guess what it all boils down to with this post is I want to give honor and praise to a precious beautiful and marvelous woman, who despite all my shortcomings ( there are a few things I fall short on other than just my right leg,) still loves me like I was perfect and allows me to be me. I love you sweethaert.

Thanks for 22 fabulous years


Leslie said...

So Sweet! What an awesome experience on your wedding day!

Happy Anniversary to two of the most wonderful people on Earth!

Shayleen Lunt said...

That is so cool! I hope that Aaron has such nice things to say about me in 14 more years! CONGRATULATIONS Sylvia and Eric!

chelle said...

AWW that's amazing Eric. THanks for sharing it with the whole blogging community. :D I know I need to hear those type of words as often as I can.
Hmmm that sounded weird. Let's just say it's nice to hear those words no matter who is receiving them!

Mama D said...

What an amazing experience on your wedding day, and what a fantastic tribute to your sweetheart! Happy Anniversary!

We've been married 2 months longer than you have. Seems like the blink of an eye in many ways, doesn't it?

Patty said...

You two are such an incredible couple! We are really blessed to have both of you in our ward family. What an amazing wedding day story. I don't think it gets any better than that.
Oh, and I love the picture you chose for this post! (I'm a huge puss in boots fan!)

Pampered Princess said...

Great story! We lived right behind the Jordan River Temple for several years and my mom was a regular temple goer there. She had at least one similiar story. But, I think yours was cooler. (don't tell my mom!)

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."