Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thank goodness for the news

Every now and then the evening news reports a story that you could have never figured out without an "expert's" help. Stories such as " If your outgoing bill payments exceed your income you will go into debt," or "This basketball game is going to come down to whichever team scores the most baskets." I just wanted to give special mention to a new one I heard a couple of days ago, "Today's small cars do not fare well in collisions with larger cars." Well, who would have thought? I always knew that large cars have never fared well in collisions with freight trains, but this one escaped me. I wonder how many times it took this overpaid study group running Hummer's into Scion's to figure this one out. You know, I think this phenomenon just might explain why when I had my accident last year, My SUV wasn't quite as damaged as the mid-sized, 4-door sedan I hit. I did hear however that they did find similar conclusions in last year's NFL linebacker colliding with a pee wee league running back. (except in Cincinnati), or the milatary's' M1 battle tank versus mini coopers experiment. Well, if their is one thing that I took from this earth shattering news that larger cars are potentially safer than small ones, it is this, I now know that when it comes time to replace our Kia, I need to do it with a car I can protect my beautiful wife in and feel safe driving. I think I found my choice

I am SO glad that their are so many groups out there dedicated to making our lives safer and easier and as they do, we have the evening news to make sure these breakthroughs are shared with all of us.
Oh yes I'm now proposing continuing these studies with a new experiment:
How well would a horse jockey fare in a collision with a sumo wrestler? I start looking for volunteers tomorrow


Leslie said...

You are funny!

Mama D said...

LOL. I heard this statement on the news the other day! Makes you wonder sometimes what happened to common sense and the idea that people could figure things out for themselves...

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."