Monday, April 21, 2008

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Shortly after my hobby of Nascar memorabilia collecting began, I was also interested in collecting trading cards of my beloved sport. One night while shopping at the Tri County Wal-Mart I stopped to check out the sports card sale display there at the store. A gentleman soon joined me who was very interested in an assortment of different trading cards advertised at two packs for a dollar, I could see that this gentleman's quest was becoming more and more frustrating for him until he finally asked me "Do you see any of these two for a dollar cards? all I can find are these card packs marked fifty cents each," After experiencing a moment of stunned silence, I finally looked at him slightly smiling and said "aaand," to which he replied a fairly embarrassed "oh" and quietly left with his selection.

This brings me to todays news in the report about the 2008 opening of Kings Island. The story talked about how the park's visitors will find changes this year to get used to. namely the name changes to the movie based rides, Top Gun is now "Flight Deck," Tomb Raider is now "The Crypt," and so forth. I wonder what would happen if Souvenier stores became Bric-a-brac shacks, if the cafes and restaraunts became Leave and Heaves or the restrooms became Heave and Leaves. Talk about revenew losses. Knowing full well that intellectual giants such as my friend with the trading cards do exist, I tend to worry about all the folks who will pay for a fun, thrill packed day at K.I. only to leave in sorrow because they couldn't find their favorite rides. I don't worry too much though because these same people will probably have problems finding the entire park since "Paramount's Kings Island," is now just "Kings Island."

Maybe this is just me because I fail to see why an amusement park ride's name matters if you know how to get to it and enjoy it.

(This has been another warped thought from the management of M.O.S.L.)


Patty said...

I hadn't heard they changed some of the ride names. I guess it could be interesting to stand around the front of the park and watch how many people get totally confused by the new names on the park maps.

Papa D said...

Marketing people tend to have too much time on their hands. That's all I have to say about that.

Scott said...

You know, ride lines may be shorter now if no one can find the rides with new names.

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."