Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome to the Vroom Vroom room

As you probably all know, my hobby is Nascar memorabilia collecting. This began shortly after our moving to Ohio and meeting my racing buddy Jim. Slowly my collection began to grow to what it is today. Sadly, over the course of last Summer through Winter, my beloved hobby room or "Sanctuary," as it became affectionately known fell into a state of total disrepair while some deep house cleaning was going on. (my room was trashed.) This lasted until just recently when I finished the cleanup, and much as the mythical Phoenix, The Vroom Vroom Room rose from the ashes of my beloved Sanctuary

As an explanation as to how the Vroom Vroom room got its name, I need to go back to just shortly after I was released as a ward clerk and called as a Primary nursery leader. At that time my darling wife Sylvia asked me if I had a group of 1/64 scale ( hot Wheels car size ) race cars that I would be willing to contribute to our nursery. I did, and happily made the donation. Maura has been assisting us in the nursery while also keeping her young son Jared company ( Jared is one of our nursery kids. ) Upon the debut of the race cars in nursery, Maura informed us that Jared just loves cars and calls them, you guessed it, "vroom vroom's." Fast forward now to just a few weeks ago. As work was nearing it's completion on my room, and as we sat in Sacrament meeting this week a long side the Prince family, Jessica was holding Jared on her lap as he thumbed through his cars and trucks picture book. Occasionally Jessica would point to a picture in the book to which Jared wold respond with an enthusiastic, "Vroom vroom." Syl and I both enjoyed the total cuteness of the moment, but I was inspired. At that moment I knew that my rebuilt sanctuary would be officially known as "The Vroom Vroom room."

Some of the things the vroom vroom room includes are two actual used Nascar stock car tires , an engine piston a race car hood lock pin , two wheel lug nuts, many driver autographs and over 300 cars. Well folks, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my labor of love, My salute to gas-guzzling v-8's. The all new E,H Johnson Vroom Vroom Room.


Shayleen Lunt said...

Love the name. Well, the new toy I picked up last week for nursery might just fit in really good now. I'll bring it on Sunday.

Mama D said...

You must be in vroom vroom heaven with your sanctuary renovation completed!

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."