Sunday, June 8, 2008

Keep Your eye on the goal

Like probable millions of others, yesterday with a strong sense of dismay, I watched the seemingly invincible and unbeatable race horse "Big Brown" falter to a meager last place finish while his owners and jockey tried to race him into triple crown , horse racing history. This got me thinking especially after Maura asked me today "Have you had any fun this week?" What I heard from this friendly, caring question was, Did you continue pursuing your goal this week? In honesty, I had to answer no. This took me back to yesterday's horse race and how all the hype, talk and speculation was met with such disappointing results. I really don't want this in my life. We are all told throughout are lives as members of the church that we are to "endure to the end" and I think this is especially true with those of us who are striving for "triple crown" goals like my entry into the 2009 Flying Pig 5K. I want to re affirm my dedication to my goal as well as send my best hopes and prayers to any of you who are striving for your own, personal goals and having a hard time pursuing them. I hope that we will be able to stay strong, resolute and dedicated to seeing the accomplishment of all of our goals come true.



Patty said...

I, too, was watching as Big Brown fell short of the Triple Crown yesterday. It was pretty disappointing. I can totally relate to falling short of goals too. It seems I'm always struggling to stay on task with weight and health goals. It's so easy to fall into old patterns. I hope you're able to "get back on the horse" as it were with your goals. Good luck!!

ANTSYLLI said...

You will make it. I know you will. One thing I have learned over our years together, it is that when you decide to do something and you believe that you can do it, then you get it done. Honestly, sometimes this characteristic bugs me--especially when it comes to pursuing the latest die cast on the market! However, in this goal, you have all my support and encouragement.

Mama D said...

"Have you had any fun this week?" applies to a whole lot more of life than just striving for goals!

Keep doing the best you can. I think that is the secret to successful "enduring to the end."

Reaffirming our commitment to our goals is so important. Thanks for the reminder to keep working toward my own goals.

Pampered Princess said...

You can do this Eric!!!! Don't give up!

Papa D said...

You rock, dude. Keep your head up and hit anyone in your way with your leg.

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."