Friday, September 19, 2008

Didn't really like Ike

I guess last Sunday just didn't quite grasp the whole "day of rest" concept. I'm certain my wife and I aren't the only ones who came home from church looking for a quiet, uneventful evening only to have it blown away literally.

My first sign that we were all in for something really big was when I was in our kitchen starting to fix our lunch when out our back window I saw this huge tree limb go down in our neighbors back yard. I knew the wind was really whipping up, but I never would have imagined it was this much.

Hey Mama and Papa D, we had our front yard tree try to come into our house for safety too, although ours didn't actually get in. Ours just got to our front porch. By this time the power was out so the nervous adrenaline at least on my part was really starting to flow.

But I guess I didn't comprehend the full scope of what happened until I took a drive around our neighborhood on Monday and saw this on the other side of the block from us . There is a line from the movie "Twister" that I love that was really reminded to me on this day, " Woo hoo, It's the wonders of nature baby." But more so than this, one can't look at all the damage without marveling at the awesome power of God. The MOSL would like to give a special shout-out to Bro. Mark Anderson. who loaded his family into their van and went out to personally check on ward members, and our home teachers, The Cruz brothers, who were on the phone with us volunteering help and checking our welfare. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you.


(P.S. did anyone else notice that the church was completly unharmed. HMMMMM)


Leslie said...

Holy cow! That must've been some pretty intense wind!! Although I miss everyone I'm not at all sad that I missed that!

Papa D said...

Just wait until Mama posts the pictures we took at our house - if we ever get access to a computer to upload them.

about the church -

If any of you remember Brett (Ryan's friend who lived with us for a while), he told me that he was driving to our house after the storm and had the following monologue in his head:

Tree down at that house; lots of damage there; another tree down there; Mormon Church - no damage there; tree down on that house . . . Since Ryan works for the Facilities Maintenance Group and is cleaning up the messes at the churches in the area, I know they were affected, but Brett's reaction was funny, nonetheless.

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."