Friday, November 16, 2007

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: thanksgiving, chapter 3

Ah, tis the holiday season, the day's almost here. When we enjoy a feast with loved ones gathered near. We thank God for his blessings, the big and the small, and pray for his protection the next day at the mall.
The mall in this season, see the Christmas lights glow. While a big man dressed in red yells out "Ho,Ho,Ho." The mall visit is worth it, for where else could you see, two old women fighting o'er a Playstation 3.
May your season be wonderous, in so many ways. And to all my friends out there, HAPPY HOLIDAYS
Happy Thanksgiving from The Man of Steel Leg

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Patty said...

that's great!! I love the photo too!!

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."