Tuesday, November 13, 2007

RANTING (well, sort of)

Well yesterday our Kia got sick. It started sputtering and backfiring. That afternoon following a consult with Syls dad we decided we had corrupted gasoline. We put additives in the tank and hoped and prayed for the best. IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Last night while on route to Dad and Bobbye's for dinner the situation came back with a vengeance. So much for bad gas. After pulling over to make sure we weren't on fire we decided to press on since we were only a couple of blocks from where we were going. The car is in the shop today, and this whole experiance has caused me to think, why are my die-cast cars better than my real one? here are my top ten reasons why:
1. There are rarely any breakdowns.
2. Very economical
3. Very cheap to liscence and insure.
4. Maintenance is a breeze.
5. Bank Financing or trade in to purchase is not required
6. Simple to park
7. Can legally drive one in minutes
8. Doesn't promote global warming
9. Better mileage, far-less emmisions, and far better looking than a Prius
10. Tell me an individual who owns over 200 REAL cars


ANTSYLLI said...

If you have 200 die casts, then I haven't been paying attention...maybe we need to have a meeting to discuss your future car purchases?!

Oh, and by the way, I think Jay Leno has quite a few cars.

Papa D said...

Your wife beat me to it - and Leno's are worth a little more than yours, methinks.

Papa D said...

I just read your wife's list. Sorry to say this, dude, but she smoked you with just her #1 all by its little lonesome.

Mama D said...

I love your list (and Sylvia's!), and the joking around between you two. You guys are a great match!
I personally like the economic and mileage factors of your list!! Wish it was so easy with real cars!

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."