Thursday, October 25, 2007

Legend in my own mind

I've arrived. This blogging thing is really neat. I am so excited to join the blogging neighborhood. So if you are bored with reading those inspirational, self revealing, confessing all one's inner most secrets blogs...I am here to save the day. I promise to deliver meaningless pellets of useless information for your entertainment. Faster than a speeding download, able to sink into the deepest ponds...look there on the's a's a's the man of steel leg!


Papa D said...

Yeah - I want to read that type of blog!

Pampered Princess said...

OH NO!!!! I feel a self-revealing, inspirational, inner-most secret CONFESSION COMING ON!!!!!!! HOW WILL I stop myself. It is building, I am holding it is still building........AARRGGG! I HAVE EXPLODED!!!!!!

"Smile, God loves you."

"Smile, God loves you."